Where has the time gone?

Wow. Has it really been seven months since I last posted on here?! I’m REALLY bad about keeping up on this. Life has been such a whirlwind that it feels like it’s flying by.


I studied my butt off for the NCLEX boards mid-month and passed them on the first try. Holla! I was crazy nervous and felt like I was going to puke the morning of, but I stayed in a hotel the night before and ate a light breakfast in the AM. I had 76 questions, one over the minimum of 75, and left confident that I failed 100%. THAT IS an awful feeling and I’m so glad I never have to do it again. I stayed with my current job and upgraded my title from LPN to RN. Such a proud moment for me. πŸ™‚ I worked a lot to start saving up money and between that and hanging out with Andrew (yeah, I can say he’s my boyfriend now. <3 ) Our first Valentine’s Day was sweet. He had to work and I made us dinner of stuffed shells and cheddar bay biscuits. Turned out pretty amazing.
valentines dinner


My parents came back from their trip towards the middle of the month, which was strange after having the house to myself for a few months. Andrew and I spent so much time together, nearly every day, that we made the decision to move in together at the end of March. I am most definitely a procrastinator and did a little every day, but when moving day came I did not feel quite so prepared. You don’t realize how much crap you have till you have to pack it up! Fortunately I had two strong guys (Andrew and his brother) to get the heavy stuff. πŸ˜‰


Living with a guy was definitely weird for the first few weeks but eventually it just became a norm and if absolutely love living with him now. The month of April brought two birthdays – my sister’s and Andrew’s. With Katie living in Colorado still I mailed her present out, but for Andrew’s I had to work which was a bummer. I had applied to Ferris State for my Bachelor’s degree and found out that I need to repeat English 112 because it didn’t transfer credit wise from the school I went to in Oregon. Blah.


My sister graduated from the University of Denver with her Bachelor’s in Marketing mid-May. My parents and I took a road trip out to Colorado, which both fun and annoying. The trip itself was fun but the bumpy ride and being stuck in the backseat of a pickup truck the whole time was not. Never again for the truck!
imagegraduationI flew back due to work while my parents helped my sister pack up everything and moved her back to Michigan. It seemed like she had more stuff than me (a couch and decor items) but her move went a lot smoother than mine. Towards the end of the month Andrew’s sister graduated high school so we went to a party for her. We had a good time!


This was the only time I went swimming this summer! My sister, best friend Abby (Andrew’s sister), and I went to a nearby lake. The water was freezing but we floated around for a bit and chatted.
imageI wish I had made it to the beach more to *try* and tan but it was just too cold. Barely any warm days this year. πŸ™ For Father’s Day I had lunch at my parents’ house, which was a nice treat.


For the Fourth Abby and I went downtown for fireworks. It was crazy packed and I didn’t take any pictures of it this year, just enjoyed the show.
image image My mom’s birthday falls in July and her, my sister, and I went to Florida and had the Disney experience. It was such a blast and I’ll definitely go again! We were there for about a week but it felt so much shorter before we had to fly back.
image image imageI missed Andrew like crazy and have taken to talking to him every day when we’re apart. We also started hosting game night at our house and started with Cards Against Humanity. So freaking funny and we laughed our butts off! I also have been trying out some recipes and made this Banana Nut Bread with Cream Cheese frosting.
imageIt was delicious! Cherry Festival also happened this month and I went twice. For the elephant ears, of course. πŸ˜‰
me and abbyimage


The first weekend in August Andrew and I took our first road trip together down to my second “hometown” north of Detroit. We got to see a lot of sights from where I used to live and go to my 10 year high school reunion.
usWe also went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy in Imax 3D. Great experience!
us1Pizza was our dinner every night and, I gotta say, this Chicago-style deep dish pizza from a place called Pizza Papalis was THE best pizza EVER! So filling and cheesy and amazing. We will definitely go there every time we’re in the area for sure.
imageA week or so later we attended the wedding of one of his co-workers. It was so cute and took place out in the country. We had fun as there was a group of his friends who were there also. I managed to drag him out on the dance floor for one dance and we both participated in the tosses. He caught the garter. πŸ˜‰
imageI started that English class online and between it and work I feel like I have no time left. My sister and I went zip lining a week later which was soooooo much fun! We had an awesome time.
me and katie zip


This month brought more game nights and my 28th birthday. Fortunately we both had my birthday off from work and went to Olive Garden with my dad and sister to celebrate. The food is always delicious there and it’s my usual go-to for birthday dinners.
imageWe had cake at my parent’s house that my sister made and did presents. Andrew got me a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 (so cute!), my sister had made some delicious smelling soy candles, my dad bought me a Coast Guard sweatshirt, and my mom got me some new Nurse Mate shoes for work. Overall it was an awesome birthday!
image image

It’s been a fast-paced seven months and so much has happened. I have the urge to start blogging again and if time allows I’m going to run with it and post more. We shall see! Until then.

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