Thanksgiving 2014

My Thanksgiving felt pretty rushed as it was packed full from 1:30pm till about 1am. Andrew and I went to his grandparent’s house for the first part of thanksgiving, which is always fun. I love his family! The food was great. Company was nice. I should warn you though. Every year in celebration of the craziness that is Black Friday the guys at Andrew’s work usually shave off their months-in-progress beards for mustaches. The effect is shocking each time and so funny!
Abby had to leave early to get some sleep before work and after watching a quarter of the Lions vs. Bears game (Lions won – woo!) I had to leave at 4 to go to my parents house for Thanksgiving there. Andrew went to get ready for work and I headed towards my family feast, which was a-mazing. My sister cooked it all and had the turkey filled with stuffing. THE best turkey I’ve ever had! I think my favorite dish of Thanksgiving is either the sweet potato casserole or pies. You can never have enough pie.


After filling my stomach to the max, I was literally so full, we went Black Friday shopping at Target. It was crazy busy but we were able to start Christmas shopping and, since our Target now has a Starbucks, drink coffees as well. Score! I ended up going to Best Buy later then did some shopping at Target again and Kohls with Andrew’s friend’s wife. Over all it was a great day and was filled with lots of happy memories. 🙂 I will leave this token of gold for your laughing pleasure. We definitely were!

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