The Future Mrs. Andrew O’Brien

I know that this is nearly a month late in posting but you are reading that right, my friends. Andrew and I are officially engaged!


We had been talking about getting married for a while, the last couple months at least, and with that usually the couple is engaged first. As excited as I am to wear his ring I’m even more excited to start wedding planning!


Isn’t it so beautiful? I absolutely love it!

I’ll admit I’ve had a Pinterest board going for a while (who hasn’t?) But with the engagement I’ve been narrowing down what I want actually in it. My mom has been a huge help to in planning so far. We’ve visited a few venues, crossed off some places, decided on some decor ideas, and narrowed down the date. We’re shooting for a summer 2015 wedding, possibly August. I know, I know. That’s 8 months away! But I think we can pull it off and I’m so ready to take his last name and for us to be 100% each others. Even though we essentially already are, it’s more permanent, ya know?

Here’s to us!

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