Wedding Plans ~ Part I

wedding plansI thought it would be fun to document my progress on wedding plans as I go along in my search for our perfect wedding. Originally Andrew and I were going to try and plan it for this August but the venue we want plus the cost of everything else was tight on the budget. So, in order to save up more money and have more planning time, we moved it to Spring 2016. Probably in May when we’re both out of school. I can’t wait!

Here is what I have planned so far that should (hopefully) stick to the budget.

Colors – I love the two colors together and they make a perfect Spring palette – lavender and dusky blue.
color palette
Ceremony Location – the outdoors definitely fits us best as our relationship has been a bit non-traditional and we love the idea of doing it outside. Spring time will be perfect for that! Hopefully the Northern Michigan weather will cooperate with us. 🙂
Reception Location – this is what sold us. It’s kind of rustic and warm feeling. I love the wood beams and the fireplace. So pretty!

Centerpiece Idea – I found this on Pinterest and fell in love with idea of having a lantern in the centerpiece. This idea is just too perfect with the wood and the flowers. LOVE.
I would totally use these flowers though.
Flowers – I’m not sure what I want to do for a bouquet at all. I just know I want lavender colored roses and blue or cream hydrangeas. Maybe something like this?

Or this?
Cake – The cake is pretty simple. No fondant. Small dash of flowers. Like this one. Only square shape and three tiers.

Dress – **UPDATE: I posted this separately to keep it hidden but now it doesn’t have to be. 😉

Well???!?! What do you think so far? I love the combos of everything together. On to plan more things!

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  1. Kristen,

    What a fantastic idea! I love your style! It’s simple & understated beauty. You are going to be the main feature & the colors you’ve chosen will compliment you vs. overpower you. PERFECT!!

    1. Thank you!!! I love it all too and can’t wait to put it all together. 😀

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