Wedding Plans – Part II

wedding plansFinally! Progress has been made and I’m super excited about it. Once the deposits are cashed we will have a reception venue, an official date, and a photographer! The only thing that differs from my original post back in January and March is the venue site and photographer. We’re going with a completely different option for the venue that is more flexible in allowing us to select vendors of our choosing instead of making us use theirs, which were really expensive.

Also we’ve selected Lindsay Wolff Photography to shoot our engagement session and wedding. Keeping the quality of pictures without gouging the budget. She’s super nice and I can’t wait to work with her! Here is some of her previous work.
I’m SO happy that we’re moving forward with everything and I get to keep planning (cause I bought a fancy wedding planner and I love using it). It was actually a rough ride for me these last few weeks. My mom has been out of state helping family for the last few months and it’s been really difficult trying to plan everything with her long distance. I shared with Andrew my thoughts and how stressed out I was and he offered for us to go to the courthouse next month, ditching all the stress, and just get married with a tented reception following to keep it calm and casual. It’s so sweet of him to want us to be married now and I’m so ready to just be married to him also. I want to begin our marriage together so the idea of having it happen in less than 30 days, keeping it simple, cost effective, and intimate was very tempting. But in the grand scheme of things I’ve always wanted a more traditional wedding so we’re gonna wade through the stress of budgeting, taste-testing (cause that’ll top it off 😉 ), and making decisions right up until the happiest day of our lives. I can’t wait! Here’s to us. 🙂

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