Wedding Plans – Part III (7 months and 27 days to go!)

wedding plansI cannot believe that we’re less than 8 months (240 days, but who’s counting?) away from this thing becoming a reality! We’re just over the half way mark. It feels like forever since we got engaged but it’s really only been about 9 and a half months (really?!?). I keep hearing that the time goes by really fast, which it definitely is, and it probably will continue to do so as I’ll be in school all up until the big day.

The checklist is progressing nicely. The DJ has been booked now as well. The only big vendors that we still need are the caterer (soooooo much more expensive than it should be), the cake (which we’re seriously considering making it ourselves), and the flowers (which we might just buy bulk and make everything ourselves). Everything else is just little details.

I went dress shopping last weekend with my mom, Maid of Honor & BFF Abby, and my two Bridesmaids (future sister-in-law) Alyssa and my friend Erin. It was a MUCH better experience than when Abby and I went by ourselves to David’s Bridal. The lady actually seemed to care about what I was looking for and was super helpful in giving tips and advice. The last dress I tried on may be “the one”. I didn’t want to take it off! The only problem is with alterations, the veil, and the sash it is over my budget. 🙁 Not by much, but enough to where it’s making me second guess it. My mom and I have another appointment this weekend with another boutique and now that I know the exact style that I want I’ll be able to narrow my search. I still think about that last dress all the time though and am searching out alternative ideas for the sash and hair pieces as well as shopping around for alteration prices in town. Too bad I can’t sew at all. Boo.

DIY-ing wedding stuff can be a bit daunting and scary. I was the things I make to look awesome, not like “Pinterest Fails”. You know what I mean? I’m gonna try my hand at something easy first, the card holder box.
I bought this large-sized natural wooden chest and am gonna stain it and refinish the hardware to look rustic/vintage. Then I’ll add the decor last like the “card” banner and maybe a custom name plate to get on the front. Here’s my inspiration picture.
I plan on making it more cherry colored or maybe grayish? I’m not sure yet. But I cannot stand burlap. I don’t know why but it is one of the trends that I do not like. So that will not be seen at my wedding. We’ll see how this project turns out before I try my hand at anymore big DIY projects like invitations.

Something else that will go with our wedding is a hashtag. Andrew and I like to post pictures on social media, not often but we do, and I love the idea of a hashtag, especially for Instagram. Here’s a few that I found that I’m considering:

  • #ItsOBrienTime (my top fav)
  • #OhHappyOBriens
  • #CallUsTheOBriens
  • #OBriensEst2016

That’s all I have for now for wedding updates. I imagine more thins will pop up as we continue to progress towards our day. Cannot wait for May 14th!

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