1 week!!!

wedding plans

We are 1 week out, guys! I can not BELIEVE it’s here already! In just 7 days I’ll be changing my name to

Mrs. Kristen O’Brien

Woohoo!! I remember back to when we first got engaged and I immediately started planning a summer 2015 wedding. I wanted it to happen within the year and I had this vision of a beautiful fall wedding cause fall is my favorite season. However the timing wasn’t right with my family (my grandfather was passing away) and in the midst of gathering quotes and researching venues we decided to push the date back to spring 2016.

As the summer came and went and August passed by Andrew and I couldn’t help but think about how “we could have been married already”, especially as the planning got more complex and the stress levels elevated. We haven’t really gotten in any heavy arguments that we couldn’t talk it out, but for some odd reason I’ve been feeling the need to pick small fights about stupid stuff. Probably because it would be an outlet for my stress. Quitting smoking and slacking at the gym has made my stress levels go up and I need to find something else. I’m so ready for the wedding to be here and to be married. I’ve probably said that a hundred times to people either online or in person and I always get the same advice.

“Enjoy every moment. It goes by fast.”

The last few weeks I’ve been meeting with the various vendors and after each one I’m left with a feeling of contentment. Every thing is falling into place and despite every one who talks to me about anything wedding related asking me if I’m nervous, my answer is still the same. I’m not really nervous for the wedding itself because I’m sure it’s gonna be the best day of my life to date, but I am nervous (less so after the final vendor meeting today) about all the details of everything we’ve been planning for 18 months coming together. In my mind I know that everything will be fine and awesome but I can’t help think these things in the back of my head. 🙂

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