Our Honeymoon Adventure

I can’t believe it’s been a little over a week already! Because we’ve been together for so long (it’s my longest relationship ever) and we’ve lived together for at least half of our relationship so it doesn’t feel too different being married. The first few days I did feel different. I felt like I was on cloud nine and I kept staring at my rings and as we drove around on our honeymoon I kept thinking “that’s MY husband, right there!”

The stress of wedding planning is finally behind me (and my mom, haha!) and we went on our honeymoon. Both to save money and have a fun experience we decided to do a road trip around Wisconsin and Minnesota. It was a pizza in a different city every night tour basically! We went to all the top rated pizzas in the cities we were staying in and tried to find the top one to us. Each place we rated on Google and I on TripAdvisor and we took pictures of all the pizzas.

First Night
Green Bay, Wisconsin

We drove up through the Upper Peninsula and went through my childhood summer vacation spot up in the northern part of Wisconsin prior to landing in Green Bay. First we stopped at Glass Nickel Pizza which wasn’t too bad. The atmosphere left something to be desired and it was really loud. We checked in to the hotel soon after and then it was sleepy time.

Second Night
Wausau, Wisconsin

When we woke up we immediately headed to breakfast at a local hot spot called The Pancake Place. The name speaks for itself, I think. 😉 We left to go check out some Magic Card shops for my honey (it’s his main hobby like mine is planner stickers, haha!). Lunch was at the Noodles & Company, which was so good! Neither of us had been to one before and I would definitely go again, as I LOVE pasta. After lunch we headed out to Wausau for the next pizza place Angelo’s Family Pizzeria. Not the best place we’ve eaten but not the worst either. We were so exhausted from all the driving the day prior and getting up early that we went to bed early.

Third Night
Minneapolis, Minnesota

We got up bright and early and hit up the nearby Denny’s for a great breakfast then started driving to Minneapolis. Once we pulled into St Paul we stopped at a Magic Card shop, of course. Admittedly the shops that didn’t have any board games were pretty boring to me, but I knew Andrew was having a good time and he was pretty happy that he got a bunch of new cards so that made it worth it to me. We had Chipotle for lunch which was okay, not the best Chipotle I’ve ever had. We checked into our hotel to drop our bags off before walking to this cute little game shop for more magic cards. We both could have probably hung out there longer cause it was really cool inside. I wish I had taken a picture! Once we got back to the hotel we decided to order our next round of pizza in and watched a marathon of Impractical Jokers instead. Black Sheep Pizza was so good! I loved the coal fire smokey flavor that the pizza had and I would highly recommend it to anyone going through Minneapolis! Before watching the movie we went to the restaurant downstairs of the hotel to get some dessert, which was awesome!

Fourth Night
Rochester, Minnesota

The breakfast this morning was THE BEST that we had all week! Andrew found this little hole-in-the-wall diner called Eggy’s and it was AMAZING. We would both definitely go there again if we were in the area. LOVED it! The food was excellent and the atmosphere was fun, modern, and industrial. Very cool! We drove down to the Mall of America to check it out as it was one of the few things that I really wanted to do on the trip. The experience of walking around it was fun and now we can check it off that we did it on our bucket list. I don’t know if I would ever go back though because I like shopping as much as any girl, but that’s too much shopping for me! After we left the mall we drove down to Rochester to get our next pizza which turned out to be our favorite on the trip. We chose Topper’s pizza and got one cheese and one macaroni and cheese pizza. Both were superb but the mac-n-cheese was our favorite ever! Andrew is still raving about it to our friends here at home! As we were getting ready to go to sleep the movie Jurassic World came on and since neither of us have seen it we decided to watch it. It was pretty good but not as good as the first one.

Fifth Night
Madison, Wisconsin

For breakfast we went to a close by place called Pannekoeken which was not that great. Andrew’s breakfast was tasteless and had flat eggs. Mine was okay. It was a chocolate chip dutch pancake and just seemed like a normal pancake with chocolate chips to me. Nothing really special.  We walked around and took pictures of the Mayo Clinic which was another place I wanted to go to. It is such a huge building with multiple campuses and I was really impressed with the outside of it. I didn’t feel comfortable going inside because it is a medical facility after all. We left Rochester after getting some Starbucks (we basically had at least 4 Starbucks drinks every day all week) and started the 3 hour drive to Madison. Andrew wanted to stop at a couple of card stores on the way there so we did and explored the cute little towns they were located in before we went and got dinner at Pizza Brutta down the road from the hotel. It was pretty good but I was annoyed with all the rowdy kids. Lack of sleep and caffeine made me a little cranky during the trip! After dinner we checked in to the hotel in the afternoon then left to find another card shop a couple of blocks away. The capital is pretty and we could see the capital building from our room. This hotel was our favorite to stay in because I paid extra to get us into the Governor’s Club which gave us our own elevator, a room on the top floor with city views, and access to the suite which had free food throughout the day and a perfect view of the capital building. It was great!

Home Stretch
Back to Michigan

We got up early the last morning of our trip and had decided to take the ferry back across Lake Michigan to avoid the crazy traffic around Chicago and to take a break from driving for a bit. The ride from Manitowoc to Ludington was kinda boring but I had a little fun playing bingo and watching us take off and dock. I don’t think we’ll ride the ferry again any time soon but it was an experience. We enjoyed a leisurely drive home and were so happy to finally just be in our own house and in our own bed that night.

It was a great trip and my need to travel has been satisfied for a while. 🙂

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