Our First Month

Andrew and I have been married for one month! Go us!

Our pictures are almost ready from the photographer and I can’t WAIT to see them! The teasers that she posted are gorgeous and I’m so glad that I made the decision to have our first photo session at the park down the road from the venue. Even though it was freezing the day was beautiful with the overcast sky and flowers in bloom. I’ll do a whole post about it when the pictures come up. PLUS my mom and I are going to edit the video coverage my dad and Andrew’s brother took so I’ll put that up too once it’s ready. 🙂

After the honeymoon we both have been super busy with school and work. In the last few weeks we’ve only really had less than 5 days off together, which sucks, but we’re making do. I’ve been trying to coordinate our dinners together and catch up on our TV shows but it’s tricky as our sleep schedules are different too.

This is the last week that I’ll be on afternoons as well. Starting on Monday I’ll be switching my schedule to midnights for a couple of reasons.

  1. To avoid getting mandated overnight so much, which happens a lot on the afternoon shift. (the primary reason)
  2. More hours – the afternoon shift is 32 hours a week and the midnight shift is 36 hours.
  3. More days off – the afternoon shift is (4) 8-hour days and the midnight shift is (3) 12-hour days.
  4. More money – there is an increase in the night shift differential and bonuses every couple of months or so.

The only downside to midnights is when I did do a month of it last summer Andrew and I didn’t see each other too much because our sleep schedules were opposite and he worked more days than I did. Maybe it won’t be so bad because he has three days off in a row for school and that’s more than last summer. I’m trying to stay positive about it but we’ll see.

Eventually I will want to get on to day shift because once Andrew starts working a social worker he’ll be on a day shift schedule. For now though I’ll be content to save up money for all our plans and projects. Expect to see a lot of pictures from a night nurse!

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