Latte Date Friday ~ Volume IV

Latte Date Friday BannerIf we were having lattes… I would tell you that Andrew and I have been in our house for 1 year! May is totally our month. It’s the month that we bought our first house, moved into it, and now it’s the month we got married. We closed on the house May 15th last year and moved into it May 20th. The last time I wrote about the house was on the last latte date at the end of March last year. At that point we had lost the first house we were about to close on and I hadn’t posted anything else afterwards about the house hunt. We dove right back into searching for our perfect house and came across the one we live in now!

In referencing the prior post here is our check list that we had made to narrow our search field. We crossed off about half of the big ones and half of the little ones with our current house.

Our must-have list:
3+ bedrooms (or 2 bedrooms and 1 office)
2+ bathrooms (The house has 1 bathroom)
Office (or the third bedroom)
Big kitchen (The kitchen is a decent size but not huge)
Garage; one at least, two would be nice (1 car garage)
Paved driveway (it’s partially paved)
Roomy closets (little closets)
AC/heat (It has heat but no air conditioning)
In Charter’s coverage area (for internet/cable) (Check!)
Decent sized backyard (Check!)
Within 10 minutes of town (Check!)

Would-be-nice-but-not-required list:
At least one tub in one of the bathrooms (Check!)
Fireplace (wood burning or gas) (gas – Check!)
Appliances included (Check!)
Deck (Check!)
Separate laundry room (Check!)
Hardwood floors (Laminate)
Updated features (some, but not all)
Pantry (Doesn’t have one)
Basement (small for storage or furnished) (Check!)
Brick inside somewhere (None)
Hot tub (None)

We’ve done some updates to it but there’s still a large project list to work through. The biggest changes we’ve done are repaint the two bedrooms on the upper level. The whole color palette of the house is gray scale with pops of purple, cream, and teal.

Bedroom 1 Before

Bedroom 1 After

Bedroom 2 Before

Bedroom 2 After

Eventually we want to get a bigger home and decided that we could have two kids max in this house before we need to move. For now though we’ll tell our journey from our cute little two story house and live in the present.

Now it’s your turn to share! If we were having lattes today, what would you tell me? 

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