My Summer Favorites

Summer Favorites
1. Dry Shampoo – Not Your Mother’s (NYM) has been my go to brand lately and I definitely use dry shampoo at least once or twice a week. This particular one doesn’t leave my hair lighter than my natural roots which is awesome. Other brands gave me a super ashy appearance and I could tell that I used it, this one looks natural and doesn’t leave that thick feeling of residue in my hair. Love, love, love!

2. Nail Polish – Essie color Taj-Ma-Haul. I used this color at the beginning of the summer and everyone LOVED it! I combined it with the Essie gel top coat and I got so many compliments, people thought I went in to have my nails done. It’s definitely a light almost burnt orange and a perfect edition for my summer colors!

3. Candle – Black Sands from Bath and Body Works. Last week they had their awesome sale of $10 three wick candles and I stocked up on two summery fragrances. The Black Sands smell is masculine but beachy and I’ve already burned through half of it. Will definitely keep this in mind for future summer scents. 🙂

4. Sunscreen – I’ll tell anyone who asks. My skin is super fair and I burn like a lobster within 20 minutes of sun exposure. It’s part of my genetics and I just don’t tan. At all. I burn. So I make sure I get a high SPF sunscreen and go all out with the 100+. If I want to get some color I’ll maybe go for the SPF 50+ but I always go with the spray on mist. It’s so easy to apply and I feel like I get a better coverage because it sprays all over. Highly recommended!

5. Specialty Drink – Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino. I’ve posted about this before in my June monthly favorites and am definitely adding this to my summer favorites as well. I actually almost got it yesterday but my local Starbucks was sold out. Boo! This is definitely an unhealthy addiction. Unhealthy because it’s 600+ calories and kinda spendy. Totally worth it though! If you haven’t tried this chocolatey, marshmellowy, graham crackery goodness, you need to. Pronto before it’s gone!

6. Sunglasses – These aren’t my exact sunglasses but the shape and bling are similar, mine are just rose gold color with more light brown lenses. I’m obsessed with them! They make me look classy. 🙂 They’re fairly cheap and great quality.

7. Creamer – Coffee Mate Classic Vanilla. They don’t really make any special summer flavors so I tend to go classic around this time. Vanilla, Hazelnut, or Caramel Macchiato. Simple, flavorful, and adds that extra sweetness to my coffee that I need.

What are your summer favorites?

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