Favorite Youtubers

I don’t watch youtube that much but occasionally I’ll watch a planner video or one linked on a blog that I follow. I’ve created a subscription list on there and have compiled my top 3 favorite youtubers.

#1 Elle Fowler

My number 1 favorite youtuber, vlogger, and planner sister is Elle Fowler! She’s so funny and down-to-earth and beautiful. If I had met her outside of youtube and didn’t know who she was we could probably become friends because she’s bubbly and quirky. Truly an inspiration! She also recently got married and it was fun to watch the process. Plus I enjoy her “plan with me” videos because her spreads are gorgeous! I’m pretty sure she uses her own stickers which is even better. Fun fact: her cats interrupt her videos from time to time and she doesn’t pause, instead she talks to them which I find hilarious. “Baby cat!” Totally love her! Follow along with her also on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She does have a blog Dreaming in Blush but it’s only updated every few weeks.

#2 Story of This Life

Esther and Thad Anderson and their little daughter Ellia are the cutest family ever! I came across this hilarious couple through someone else’s sharing on Facebook. The first video of their’s that I watched was a viral one titled “Why Mom’s Get Nothing Done” and it was just so cute! Relatable, adorable, funny, happy, etc. All positive words can describe this youtuber. I follow along on Instagram and Facebook as well to see all the little stuff between the videos. Totally worth it! Check them out on youtube or their blog if you haven’t already.

#3 Paper & Glam

I came across Paper & Glam when I was searching out what type of planner I should get and came across her video about the Erin Condren planner. I was sold and have used it every since, which has been about a year. From there I checked out her blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page. She’s such an inspirational person for women to be ambitious, build towards your goals, and to make the most of out of what life has to offer. Seeing her vlogs on seasonal living is actually what got me into it because I want to live my life like that, with seasonal decor, colors, and candles everywhere. One think I loved about her planner sections is that she created a monthly goals insert and it made me want to make my own. I love the idea of having monthly goals and started a segment about it on here! Definitely look her up.

Do you have any favorite youtubers? Who are they? Link them up below!

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