What is Seasonal Living?

I first came across this concept while following one of my favorite YouTubers, Lisamarie from Paper & Glam, a few years ago and it inspired me to try and incorporate this in to my lifestyle habits. I loved the idea of changing out home decor to match each season and/or holiday because it makes me feel like I’m slowing down my life just a little bit to enjoy that time of the year. It’s little things such as throw pillows and blankets, candles, pictures, tabletop items, and making up a seasonal bucket list that I want to try and complete.

Here is a video that she posted a few weeks ago explaining seasonal living. Part of the video is for her planner stickers which you don’t have to watch but the first 13 minutes covers all of what seasonal living means and how to best utilize it every month.

Do you love checklists as much as I do?? You’ll LOVE Lisamarie’s seasonal living checklists! And the best part is they’re FREE! Here is her December list [link to download].

Super cute, right?? I don’t usually end up doing all of the boxes and I’ve though about creating my own but it’s just not the same.

What do you think? Would you also incorporate seasonal living in to your life?

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