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Do you love to read blogs? (Obviously, cause you’re reading this one 😉 ) I LOVE blogs! I love the idea of a journal of sorts that you can add pictures, videos, links, and people can read what you’re writing, interacting and commenting gaining online friends. I first started out on LiveJournal, which provides the most basic platform for writing a journal in blog form, then moved on to Blogger, which a liked the creativity allowance, before ultimately landing on WordPress from which I’ve never looked back. All blogging platforms are great but I really like WordPress’s flexibility and ability to convert to WordPress.org which is where you can host your own website.
I’ve been in this community for the last 5 years (at least) and have met a lot of great people as well as highlighted some awesome bloggers that I follow religiously. To celebrate my 5 years in the blogging community, here is a list of my top 5 bloggers.

1: Garvin and Co. (formerly Little Baby Garvin) | Blog Link

Jessica Garvin is my top favorite blogger! I’ve been following along on her journey since she was first pregnant with Harper, her oldest, and as the years have passed her blog has only gotten better and better. Her cute little blog features posts on marriage, pregnancy, children, home decor, seasonal living, and everyday life. I get a lot of inspiration from her pictures both on the blog and her instagram as well as the individual posts. Go follow her!

2: Rachel Rewritten | Blog Link

Rachel Walker is my second favorite blogger. She has such a vulnerability to her writing and deep thoughts that leaving me having to comment on each of her posts. I’ve bonded with her as a fellow nurse, both of our husband’s names are Andrew, and we’re both on a weight loss journey. They just had a beautiful baby boy this year who is by far the cutest baby I’ve ever seen! She doesn’t blog as much as she instagrams but I’ll still continue to follow her journey through life.

3: My Newest Addiction | Blog Link

I first came across Laura’s blog when I was researching a beauty product review. She tries out a wide range of beauty products, reviews them, then posts youtube videos showing how she uses them. One thing I discovered recently about her via instagram, which is AWESOME, is that she also prints and sells Erin Condren planner stickers!! I don’t think I’ve ever actually done a post about my planner (which I totally should now!) but I’m obsessed with my Erin Condren planner! It’s practical, (mostly) affordable, and fun to decorate with stickers and washi tape. Laura’s sticker collection is GORGEOUS and if you have a planner you should check out her Etsy shop.

4: A Prioritized Marriage | Blog Link

Amberly has created a beautiful, positive marriage blog in her little corner of the internet. Her and her husband Joe are an inspiration for people to foster healthy relationships and marriages by putting them at the top of their priority list in life. Blog posts include fun date ideas for every time of the year, recipes to make, life with kids, the 5 Love Languages book, and marriage goals. This blog is for every person whether you’re in a relationship or not because you can get great date ideas for now and the future. Follow along on her blog or instagram.

5: The A.M. Grind | Blog Link

I was first drawn to this blog when I was scrolling through my wordpress feed and saw that she had the word “lattes” in her blog title and a catchy coffee-related name. As evidenced by my own blog name I also love lattes and felt like this was one I could follow for a while as inspiration and fun reading. Her instagram reminds me a lot of my own in that I post a lot of life pictures, blog post pictures, and food pictures. So cute!

Have you ever heard of bloglovin’? It’s a platform where you can follow all of your favorite blogs and see their posts in a feed. Instead of jumping all over the internet to read your favorite blogs you can see them all in one place! Pretty neat, huh? You can follow mine here!

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