Earn Your Happy and Conquer Your Year

You guys! I have been so inspired this last month for making changes in my life for healthier living. I’ve been participating in an online accountability group (though I’ve been slacking a bit this week) and through one of the past groups someone recommended the Earn Your Happy Podcast by Lori Harder. I started out listening and now eagerly await each new release! She is so amazing and inspirational and I kind of have a girl crush on her. PLUS she’s from Marquette, Michigan. How cool!

Her podcast focuses on motivation, self-love, confidence, lifestyle entrepreneurship, fitness and life coaching, finding your tribe, and empowerment. All topics I am interested in focusing my life around! One of the more recent episodes she recorded she interviewed another awesome lady named Natalie MacNeil who is the creator of Conquer Your Year, a journal that helps you to develop goals and break them down into bite-sized steps for easier completion over the course of a year (Amazon).

I completely vibed with this journal because I do make a lot of goals for the year and feel like I need a better way to break them down so that I can actually accomplish them. It’s in my to-buy list at Amazon. Once I try it out I’ll write another post on the breakdown.

Do you listen to podcasts? I 100% recommend Earn Your Happy and would love for someone to listen along to so we can chat about it!

Earn Your Happy Podcast || Conquer Your Year Website

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