Bathroom Reno Inspiration

With the beginning of every new year comes tax return time. Since both Andrew and I are in school we get a fair bit back this year and have some left over to with what we want. We’ve come up with 3 options: put it towards a loan we have, save it for getting central air for our house this summer, or renovate the shower in our only bathroom.

Obviously the adult and responsible decision is putting it towards the loan. That doesn’t sound as fun but it will help us financially in the long run.

We need central air in this house because it was awful last summer with the heat. Sleeping was rough cause neither of us can sleep in a warm room (we ended up having to buy a stand-up air conditioner), we spent most of our time in the cooler basement (where we have another stand-up air conditioner), and cooking was a nightmare cause we’d be sweating just standing still. It’s definitely high on our priority list!

The bathroom is the first room in the house that we want to tackle when it comes to inside renovations. The shower is usable but the plastic tile around it is falling apart and gets moldy in the cracks. Plus it has a window with a wooden frame which is not ideal in a shower. We don’t have enough money left over to do the whole bathroom but we could tackle the biggest project which is the shower/tub combo. Andrew keeps trying to convince me that we need a stand-up shower, and while I agree I still am sticking firm with having a tub because one day we’re gonna have kiddos to bathe and that tub will be handy then!

Here are a few inspirational pictures of how I could see our bathroom looking.

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