Wedding Planning: Little Details Etsy Style

Hey guys!! I’ve been meaning to work on some wedding posts since, well, the wedding almost a year ago. But I figure better late than never, right?! The last few months I’ve been working on Our Love Story which is a compilation of pictures, our stories that were on our wedding website, and my personal recount of our entire relationship.

The first post in this Wedding Planning series I’ll be showing the items I got on Etsy with links to the shops where I got them. Pictures included in here are from the Etsy sale pages and our wedding photographer Lindsay Wolff.


We got our guest book from Starboard Press in a 5×7″ size and rustic white coloring with lined pages for $38 (+$10 for shipping). It runs about $40 now and was so gorgeous, I was so glad that I got it! We got a lot of compliments on its cute size, originality, and quality of the cover and pages that I highly recommend anyone to get their guestbook from them! Below is the proof we received from the company before purchase. Pretty, right?

Paper Heart Cut-Outs

I had this fun idea, that since we both like to read, to have something with books in our centerpieces. I came across these vintage book heart cut-outs, called wedding confetti, for cheap and fell IN LOVE with them! We got the 500 count eclectic romantic wedding confetti collection from The Lonely Heart for $20. They don’t sell them in counts higher than 100 now, but they’re currently at $5 per 100. We had 10 tables so that was 50 hearts per centerpiece. How cute are they?

Bridesmaids Gifts

Going with the vintage vibe of my wedding, I thought what was more classic than pearls? I liked the personal touches with the initials to this set and got 5 of them in the cream rose freshwater pearl white gold set from Ellies Wedding for $74 (+$10 for shipping). They don’t sell them anymore but have a gold set with peach pearls or a white gold set with white pearls. Gorgeous!

I am definitely more tomboy than girl and couldn’t picture myself wearing a robe, like I’ve seen in a lot of wedding getting ready pictures. Instead I decided to stay true to myself and got all of us customized sweatpants and guys button up dress shirts to wear while getting ready. I ordered 5 charcoal gray sweatpants with our names in grape ice color from Sister9Designs for a total of $170 (after a discount code +$20 for shipping). They are super comfy and I still wear them to this day!

One of the more practical gifts that I gave my girls was this pretty customized monogram tote bag. It was roomy and carried all of our must carry with day of needs plus was a fun way to give all of the presents to my bridesmaids! I ordered 5 of these large eco-friendly totes with the distressed laurel leafs from Lyla Grace Designs for $75 (+$12.99 shipping). The seller was great about changing the colors for me and I went with gray leaves and lavender initials. Love, love, love! I use my bag every day for carrying my planner stuff.

Flowergirl Gift

How beautiful is that bracelet! I decided to get my flowergirl something that was similar to what we’d be wearing on the day of, which was pearls. This is the exact color that I purchased from Bridal Flip Flops for $22 (+$4 for shipping) and it was just as pretty in person. She loved it and love that she matched us in, not only her dress style similar to mine, but also wearing jewelry like we were. Definitely worth it!


I highly recommend getting an address stamp if you don’t already have one! It saved me so much writing time, wasn’t expensive, and is something you can use afterwards. I chose a stamp set that didn’t include a last name since we didn’t have the same one at the time and also I wanted a self inking stamp to make the step easier. The font style is perfect which is why I went with this stamp by Stamp Nouveau for $24.95 (free shipping). I don’t have any regrets about getting this and I even got a second one that included our last name on it so I have options.

When I was planning out details of the reception I knew we had to have a coffee bar. Andrew and I spent a lot of our early dates at coffee shops and we’re both avid coffee drinkers, so why not? I gathered a lot of inspiration on pinterest for ingredients to include but the design and style was all me. I found these gorgeous rustic/vintagy stamps on Fall For Design for $29.99 (+$4.95 shipping) then once it came in the mail I hand stamped all 100 coffee sleeves, which was tedious but I LOVE how they turned out! It kind of looked distressed and I really liked the dot details on it because it’s kind of whimsical. Here was the proof we received before purchase.

Dress Hanger

It took me FOREVER to find a script that I was happy with when I was ordering this detail. I wanted it to look flowy and unique from other ones I’ve seen and in the end I’m super happy with my decision. I picked out a walnut hanger (pictured below) with a lavender colored ribbon from Simply Mai for $13.29 (after discount code +$10.50 shipping). Gorgeous!

What do you think? Don’t you just love it all!! <3

Is there anything specific you’d like to read about? Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook Page!

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