Wedding Planning: The Beginner’s Guide to Customizing & Editing Your Own Ceremony Music

Welcome to the third installment in our Wedding Planning Series! This has been so fun to get all my ideas out there because I LOVE how our wedding turned out and couldn’t wait to share with others the details and steps involved. It’s easy to get inspired by other weddings you’ve been to, ones you’ve seen around the web, and Pinterest.

Music is something that is easily customizable for your wedding and something you should ask your venue or DJ is if they will let you make your own ceremony playlist. Our venue took care of the ceremony music and gave us the option to either pick from a list of songs they already had cds for or to create a custom cd of songs, as long as there was a processional, bride down the aisle, and a recessional song.

It took me like a week of listening through various youtube instrumental clips and pouring over lists of wedding ceremony ideas. Eventually, I decided to just pick songs that were ones that I loved or had important meaning to me. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? The songs have to mean something to us or they’re just background tunes.


For the processional song I wanted something slow and romantic. I’ve been a huge fan of Taylor Swift since her first album and knew one of her beautiful songs would be perfect. After listening to the instrumental tracks on youtube for each of her slow songs I went with Love Story, but a slowed down piano version. It was beautiful and perfect and I could immediately picture all my girls walking down the aisle to this sweet tune.

Bride Down the Aisle

Going more for sentimental for this song, I wanted to pick something that would be meaningful for both myself and my dad. No one really recognized the instrumental version of this song when it played but I knew what it was when walking down the aisle and my dad recognized it after I explained it. When I was a kid I used to sing Whitney Houston whenever she came on the radio and one of my favorites to belt out was I Will Always Love You. As soon as I heard the clip on youtube my eyes teared up and I knew that was the song I was going to walk with to get married.


This last song I actually did find on one of the lists of wedding recessional songs to walk back to and felt it was also perfect. Andrew and I both like Florence and the Machines so this matched in well with the tone of post-marital happiness and a ready to party mode. LOVED it! The Dog Days Are Over instrumental was so fun and as soon as everyone heard it playing they smiled and it just elevated the mood in spite of the cold weather.

Pulling it all together

I searched the web for the instrumental tracks as an mp3 download and found each of them on various sites. Then the search was on for a free download that would edit my music and keep it in an mp3 format. I came across Audacity, read the reviews on it which were good, watched a few youtubes on how to use the program, then tested it out.

The program was actually really easy to use. You open your file and it appears as in wave form, like in the picture above. Using the selection tool, the little “I” bracket button to the right of the record button. Highlight what you want to delete then hit the delete button. In some of the clips I had to removed some audio at the beginning and then in all of them I had to pick a good end spot and deleted the last section of the song. Here’s a little youtube demonstration.

In order to fade in the beginning of the track, I zoomed in with the magnifying glass tool and highlighted the beginning where I wanted it to start. After highlighting it select the Fade In button under the Effect tab and it’ll start to automatically do it for you. Here’s a little tutorial for this feature.

It’s that easy! I HIGHLY recommend this program if you’re thinking about editing your own ceremony music! Check out my picks below and let me know what you think of them. 😀

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