Completed April Goals

It’s that time! The time to reassess my goals for April and make up new ones for May. Here is what I was able to accomplish this month.

  • Health: Finish the 21 Day Fix calendar then pick a new program to follow; drink shakeology daily.
  • Home: Put up my spring decor: flowers, pictures, tabletop, and linens; make decision on company for air/furnace installation.
  • Me Time: Spring mani/pedi; make hair appointment for highlights and trim; read book club book: The Zookeeper’s Wife.
  • Financial: Keep saving up for new air conditioning and furnace.
  • Be Social: Plan a birthday party for Andrew; have at least one bon fire.
  • Dream Big: Plan out our 1 year anniversary trip (I can’t believe it’s next month already!).

I got a lot done this month for goals! More than I usually do. I think it helped to have it written on here and in my planner because I tend to remember things better if I have them written in multiple places.

After my 21 Day Fix program ended I stopped working out again. I’ve just not had the motivation and even less so for shakeology. I never seem to remember to drink it and when I do I don’t have it around me.

The home goals were easy to complete because I put things up as soon as I bought them or saw them in my totes. I just LOVE decorating for the seasons and holidays because seasonal living makes me happy!

I got my nails done, hair did. Surprisingly didn’t read the book club book! We went and saw the movie early on because we were worried it was going to be out of theaters by the time we had our meeting. Then lots of school work happened and next thing I knew it was book club meeting time and I hadn’t even opened the book. I’m still determined to read it though!

We met our AC & furnace goal so we were able to get that completed. I have a post all about it coming out soon.

I did plan a birthday party for Andrew and we had a lot of fun at it. A pizza party with a cookie cake to celebrate. Unfortunately it’s been too cold for a bon fire and Andrew wants to expand the pit before we use it again. But one of these days soon we’ll get that done and get a fire going!

FINALLY this week we planned out our 1 year wedding anniversary celebration and I’ve written a post all about it coming out soon. Yay!!

Time to work on my May goals!

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