House Update: New HVAC and Furnace

Finally! We’re going to do some updating to our house of almost 2 years (has it only been 2 years?!) that’s going to add property value to it. So far all we’ve done is paint two rooms and added some decor pieces. As I mentioned in my Bathroom Reno post, we were on the fence about what to do with our tax money this year and ended up spending a good chunk on things we’d been waiting to buy for the house and ourselves and now we’re putting the rest towards a new HVAC and Furnace system.

As a night nurse, I sleep in the daytime and when is it the hottest outside? In the day time when I’m sleeping. Last summer I remember waking up at times and looking at our stand up AC’s air output temperature and it reading 70+, sometimes 80+, degrees. Awful! I cannot sleep in that level of heat. Often times I would move to the couch downstairs where it’s cooler and sleep there, if only to get a few hours of quality sleep. Anyone else in this same boat??

The house desperately needed AC and it’s cheaper to do a package deal with a furnace in the long run by about a few hundred dollars, and because our furnace is 15+ years old and is on its last leg. Probably less than 5 years left, so we figured we might as well get it done at the same time and save a little money for other things we want to do.

In the last month I’ve been picking up some overtime to make extra cash for our big purchase and we made it! We got them installed last weekend and are super excited to have cool air for the summer. I definitely can’t wait to be able to stay asleep in my own bed without sweating my brains out. Yay for exciting changes!! We decided to go with a local company and they did a fabulous job. We’ll definitely be keeping them in our book for companies to use again!

Another task checked off our House Projects List.

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