Our 1 Year Anniversary Adventure

Hey all!! So remember how we decided to go to Marquette, Michigan for our 1 year anniversary? Here is the post about it!

We first celebrated the night before with my parents at Olive Garden, which is always a good time. I hadn’t seen my parents much at all since their return from Florida and it was nice to catch up.

We got our cake top from them and then just chilled the rest of the night. The next day, our anniversary day, we slept in and had pizza at his parent’s house, then swung by Moomer’s to get some ice cream (only the best ice cream ever) before heading home to eat our wedding cake. I honestly thought it tasted pretty good. Almost as good as the day of our wedding, only a little more stale with a mushy bottom. Andrew and my dad were worried that we’d get food poisoning while my mom and I knew we’d be just fine. 😉

The next day we left for our trip to the Upper Peninsula. Here are all of the fun pictures we took along the way!

A little back story that I forgot to explain in our honeymoon post: as a memento for us to carry around on our trips Andrew’s little sister gave us a Shopkin to share in our adventures. Her name is Bettie Birthday. She crops up in our travel pictures so that she can go on the adventures with us and it creates fun memories for us and her (Andrew’s sister).

Day 1 Marquette, MI

 Our first stop is now our tradition, a restaurant bar called the Bridge Street Tap Room in Charlevoix, Michigan. They have the best mac n cheese sandwich there.

After we got our lunch we made our way up to the UP via the Mackinac Bridge.

 Once we crossed we stopped at the Mystery Spot, which I had never been to before. It was pretty interesting if a little hokey.

From there we trekked on until we reached Marquette. I don’t think either of us anticipated how long it would actually take to get there, but it was past dinner time when we pulled into town. We decided to hit up a pizza place, because that’s what we do on our vacations, then walked around downtown.

Our hotel was not the nicest one we’ve ever stayed in, but it did have a jacuzzi tub which was fun and different.

 Day 2: Marquette & Munising

Once we woke up we decided to get breakfast downtown before exploring the city a bit more.

The first place we checked out was Presque Isle Park which was a beautiful scenic park hidden behind an industrial mining plant. We stopped for a photo op and a video before moving on.

We drove by Northern Michigan University, which is a pretty big campus, and by the Coast Guard base up there, which is really little. From there we headed out to Munising on the way back home to check out some natural landscapes.

Munising Falls

Miner’s Castle Rock

We stayed at each spot for a bit and just took it in. I haven’t seen an actual waterfall in forever so it was beautiful to just look at. After checking these areas out we began the 5 hour drive back home.

Unfortunately I started to feel under the weather during the drive with a fever and sore throat, which I’m still battling a stuffy nose from.

I still had an appetite when we stopped at a restaurant in Bellaire called Short’s Brewing Company on the way back into town. We had some awesome food and my sandwich was amazing!

Then we were home. Overall it was a fun trip. Long because of the driving but memorable from the beautiful places we saw.

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