Favorite Bloggers

Do you love to read blogs? (Obviously, cause you’re reading this one 😉 ) I LOVE blogs! I love the idea of a journal of sorts that you can add pictures, videos, links, and people can read what you’re writing, interacting and commenting gaining online friends. I first started out on LiveJournal, which provides the […]

Winter Favorites

Candle – Sweater Weather smells aaaa-mazing! It’s a pretty purple, gray color that has a clean, refreshing fragrance which makes me think of snow. Juniper berries, fresh sage, and eucalyptus make up this wonderful scent and it’s easily my favorite winter blend. I plan to buy it every year! Creamer – Peppermint Mocha creamer from CoffeeMate […]

Favorite Youtubers

I don’t watch youtube that much but occasionally I’ll watch a planner video or one linked on a blog that I follow. I’ve created a subscription list on there and have compiled my top 3 favorite youtubers. #1 Elle Fowler My number 1 favorite youtuber, vlogger, and planner sister is Elle Fowler! She’s so funny and […]