Disaster Preparedness

Who really knows when there will be a disaster for which we would have to evacuate, but you can bet that we will be prepared! The standard thing everyone should have pre-made so you can run out of the house is a SHTF (shit hit the fan) bag, also known as a bug out bag. This should contain the essentials to survive up to 72 hours away from your home or stuck in it.

My plan is to create a station that will have all of the things we need to “bug out” should the need arise. I got the idea from my Disaster Nursing class as well as this website I came across from Pinterest. Living in Northern Michigan the likely emergencies (though not common at all) that we would need to evacuate would be a fire, earthquake, or flood. The more common ones which would have us staying in and taking shelter would be a winter storm or tornado. In the event of an pandemic situation, which I think will be what cripples the world, more than a three day supply would be needed so I would consider at least a 2-3 week supply of items.

To prepare for all scenarios we would need the same things:

  • water
  • food
  • first aid
  • shelter
  • cash
  • hygiene needs
  • various supplies
  • pet needs
  • fun kit

Over the course of this year I’m going to build up our stash of supplies and document the journey. This will help me with an assignment for my class also, so win, win!

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