Our Love Story

Before they met both Andrew and Kristen were two people just going through the motions of life. It was a low point for Kristen as she was in between nursing jobs and for Andrew he was floating along without direction or motivation.

October 25th, 2010 – The Meeting

Fate stepped in and had Kristen start working at Target for the Christmas holidays and guess who was working there? Andrew! He trained her one day on the sales floor and that was the beginning of Kristen’s crush. He was cute, funny, and easy to talk to.

Her side

Looking back at my life I feel like things really did happen for a reason because even the bad things that changed the course of my life led me to where I am today and I wouldn’t change it at all.

It was in October of 2010 that I first met Andrew. I was in between nursing jobs and instead of unemployment I opted to take a seasonal position at Target. Andrew was actually one of my trainers on the floor and I remember thinking how cute he was. I definitely tried to stalk him in the aisles and talk to him when I could.

His side

I often feel as though many of the years before I met Kristen were nebulous, a collapsing cloud of dust and gas. As the gravity of life pulled us together, the focus of my attention became increasingly centered on her and in turn our lives have formed into a single dense core, the beginning of a new life together.

For many years I was blind to the needs of my heart. The road I was building in life was uneven at best.

2011-2013 – The In Between Years

Kristen left Target in January to resume her nursing career, not before becoming Facebook friends with Andrew, and for the next two years the only interactions they had were when she came in shopping. They would catch up on what was going on in their lives. The flame that had sparked began to dim. It didn’t rekindle until Andrew’s 29th birthday when he randomly invited her to his birthday party during one of their fleeting conversations. She happily accepted and the crush began to grow again. If she was honest with herself it never really left, she just put it to the side to be able to actually talk to him without blushing severely or stuttering.

April 25th, 2013 – The Turning Point

The day of Andrew’s birthday party was a game changer for their relationship. Andrew would say this is when they started dating but Kristen says it was much later. She was nervous. It was the first time they would be “hanging out” and she’d be meeting his family. It was also at this party that Kristen met her best friend and future sister-in-law Abby. She was the unofficial photographer of the party and this was their first picture together.

From this day on they spent frequent evenings together downtown and got to know each other better. They went on a few group outings and several one-on-one get togethers.

Her side

Then in April 2013 he invited me to his birthday party.

It seemed random and I was surprised but figured, why not? We were sort of friends by this point. At Pangea’s Pizza I thought I was playing it cool. I didn’t socialize much because I didn’t know anyone else but I still had fun watching him have a good time. Months later his sister told me that she could tell I had a crush on him at his birthday party. How did she know when I wasn’t sure? It must have been on my face.

We began to spend more time together and met for coffee downtown a lot, both at the Brew and Horizons bookstore. There were a few times over the summer when we stayed out all night until sunrise and just chatted, enjoying the quietness. I adore those memories. I knew I loved him when we began to talk about our futures and I could picture him in mine.

He was very hard to read though and I couldn’t tell if he liked me. Finally one day I was like “Hey, I like you. Do you like me?” Imagine lots more stammering and blushing though. Apparently he had no idea I felt that way which was odd cause I thought I was being obvious in my staring.

It took months and an all night conversation on my front lawn before I could drag out of him that he liked me back as more than a friend. I even asked if I could make it Facebook official. Haha! We talked about marriage and kids and what our plans were for careers. It was a super romantic night under the stars and I knew he was the one then.

His side

In the year 2013 I was throwing a pizza birthday party for myself downtown and invited a girl I had met while working at Target. I can remember how awesome it was that she got me a gift card for a bookstore. I am a sucker for books and my interest in getting to know her has grown ever since. What I would discover is that Kristen is one of the best people to spend time with and that her positivity and adorableness was affecting my mood in marvelous ways. For the first time in many years I was comfortable with myself and from such a base I am thankful that Kristen began to become my partner in adventure. As I grew alongside her I realized that life could become so much more wondrous with her by my side.

I could speak literally of all the different days we travelled the sidewalks and streets of the city, sharing visions of the future with each other. The bike rides we had together or when I first shaved my head unexpectedly. I could speak about that dude that has a tendency to follow people for uncomfortable distances downtown, who I informed that I sometimes walk away from people such as him. There was that one time when we had a short meeting in the clouds to watch the sun set fire to the waves. The late nights we spent sitting at the edge of the universe together, discussing the finer points of philosophy. How Kristen even then was always there for me in all the right ways. I cannot express these experiences in a manner that really conveys what they meant. Likely many of you reading this already know what it is like and if you do not perhaps soon you will also find your well full of water in the middle of the desert.

January 1st, 2014 – The Kiss

This moment had been building for months. Kristen had been patient and persistent, frequently asking “when are you going to kiss me already?” Andrew was nervous and shying away from kisses. Hand holding was okay though so Kristen took advantage of that closeness whenever it felt right. On New Year’s Eve she wasn’t going to let him say goodnight without a New Year’s kiss. After a marathon of Extreme Couponing with Abby and watching the ball drop, Kristen was expectant as they stood outside and stared him down until he finally leaned in and gave her a kiss that she felt all the way to her toes and spread warm tingles everywhere. And like all good things it was totally, 100% worth the wait!

March 24th, 2014 – The Apartment

Every day they weren’t working they were spending time together. They were nearly inseparable and when they were apart there were a steady flow of text messages or phone calls. She would visit his work, he would visit her work. They were both on cloud nine. Kristen had finished nursing school in December and with the extra cash flow they both made the decision to move in together. Andrew already had an apartment complex picked out, having lived there before with his brother who still lived there with his girlfriend (now wife). We toured and put down the deposits and were moved in within the week. This was a super exciting time for both of them as she had never lived alone with a guy before nor he a girl besides Abby.

December 3rd, 2014 – The Engagement

After their 1 year official anniversary Kristen brought up the topic of getting married again. They were both pretty comfortable with each other and where they were in their relationship, it was only natural to take the next step. Kristen picked out her own ring, being mindful of her nursing job, and when it arrived in the mail they were officially engaged and told everyone!

The Ring (picture from our engagement session)

May 14th, 2016 – The Wedding

It was an unnaturally cold, 30-some degrees, super windy day that was their wedding day. It rained in the morning and snowed during the ceremony. Unfortunate weather but otherwise a perfect day in Northern Michigan – we did get some blue skies! One both will cherish for the rest of their lives.

May 16th – 29th, 2016 – The Honeymoon

Kristen and Andrew decided for their honeymoon to take a road trip around the Northern Midwest and explored the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. You can read all about our honeymoon adventure here.

Hope you enjoyed our story!!

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