Latte Date Friday ~ Volume V

If we were having lattes… I would tell you that school and work are keeping me busy. I’m near the end of this semester, with only 2 weeks left, and after this one I’ll only have one left before graduation. I’m super excited!! The only issue is I graduate in August and the opportunity to […]

Weekly Writing Challenge: The State of the State

Where do you draw the line between a reasonable government attempt to maintain stability or solve a problem and an unnecessary infringement on your decisions? One of the big issues that I see becoming a problem for me is the slowly-but-surely increased restrictions on guns. Currently I do not own a gun but someday I may want to […]

Weekly Writing Challenge: Dystopia!

Whether some people find it realistic or not, I see the world being taken out by some type of virus. There’s even an iPad app that you can play called Plague, Inc. [iTunes, Android] where you are the bacteria (standard level), virus, fungus, parasite, prion, nano-virus, or bio-weapon. The background music is from the movie Contagion […]