Baby O’Brien

As I mentioned in my intro post, we’re expecting a baby! Yay! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰

We only just found out a few days ago on September 10th. The week before I began to experience some mild cramping and pressure feelings in my lower abdomen as well as bloating and increasingly tender breasts. My cat, Bella, always tries to cuddle up as close to my face as she can and it hurt more than usual when she walked over my torso.

My husband, Andrew, was out of town for work training and I was tempted to wait until he returned to take a test but I was anxious to see if it would finally be positive. We’ve been trying all summer and only gotten negative results so I was expecting it to be another no. I was super shocked to actually see two lines on the test stick!

Just to be extra sure I knew I needed to do a digital test that actually said the word because I wouldn’t believe it until I saw that and I also wanted a foolproof way to show Andrew. I had to wait an hour to build up enough to take the second test but I was anxious as I waited with my thoughts racing. Was this real? Could we actually do this? Were we ready?

Finally I could take the next test and I started tearing up looking at the words “pregnant” across the screen.

Since Andrew was out of town I knew I needed to decide if I was going to wait until he got back in a few days and find a cute way to tell him or if I was just going to tell him when we spoke on the phone later. Because I was so excited to tell him and he knew I would be taking a test soon anyways I decided to tell him over the phone and text him the pictures of the tests. He was just as shocked as I was but also really excited!

A few days later I scheduled my confirmation appointment with my doctor this upcoming Monday and I can’t wait to get more proof of our little baby growing! According to the apps that I’ve been using I’m 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant, so still really early and for this reason we’re waiting to tell our family and friends.

Baby O’Brien is due, if calculations are accurate, around May 20th, 2020 and we could not be more happy!

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