Confirmation Appointment

As soon as I got positive at-home pregnancy tests, being a nurse myself, I knew I wanted to schedule a confirmation appointment for blood work for the ultimate answer. My doctor’s office is awesome and was able to get me in quickly so it was yesterday that I went in.

We chatted about symptoms, my last menstrual cycle date, medications that I can take safely, how much of the important vitamins and minerals I need to be taking, and what my first OB appointment will be like. They drew my quantitative HCG levels to see if that was on track and gave me a referral to an OB-GYN.

My HCG level came back at 3634.0 mIU/mL which is where it should be as I’m nearing the 5th week of pregnancy. Today I’m 4 weeks and 6 days. That number is very promising!

I don’t know if they will check it again before my first OB appointment but today I’m going to call and schedule this and perhaps they can tell me then. I’m expecting that they will not schedule it until I’m after 8 weeks which would be after October 9th. I’m super excited to get an ultrasound picture and listen to the heartbeat of our little one and for Andrew and I to experience this together. 💕

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