Week 18

How far along: 18 weeks

Genders: Unknown – excited to have our anatomy scan on the 23rd, right before Christmas! We should be able to see what they are then. 😀

Weight gain: -2 lbs

New symptoms: feeling back to myself, bumping out more

Queasy or sick: none, still sensitive gag reflex though

Cravings: strawberry related things, anything salty

Aversions: Coffee still 😦

Sleep: Much better!

Maternity clothes: Jeans + leggings

Stretch marks: Nothing new, using that belly oil

Belly button in or out: In

Miss anything: Nothing, love feeling better!

Movement: Yes! On the 22nd of December I was laying in bed around 4am and felt this strange flutter feeling at the top center of my abdomen. I didn’t think it could be the babies because it was so high up but seeing their positions on the ultrasound with their feet up there confirmed that it was them kicking me! It’s such a strange but awesome feeling.

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