My 5 Favorite Pregnancy Apps

Being the techy that I am, once I found out I was pregnant I downloaded a few apps to both get information and track our babies’ developmental progress. I found a few very helpful ones both through the recommendations of others and my own research.

Here are the 5 that I keep on my phone and check daily.

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Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

When we first talked about actively trying to conceive I downloaded the Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker. It had a calendar display that allowed you to see what days you tracked information, when you’re due to have your period, and when your ovulation window was so you could plan. Once you input your data it further pulled the info into a personalized feed with helpful articles and insights into what your symptoms could mean. I loved all of this so much and thought it was beyond helpful as I am a visual person.

Once I got pregnant the app transferred me over to their Ovia Pregnancy Tracker which I fell in love with as soon as I started using it. The main page is the feed with infographics at the top telling you how far along you are, what size your baby is, and has a countdown to due date. One feature that this app has which others don’t is every day it tells you a little tidbit about the development of your baby specific for that day in your trimester. It definitely leaves me in awe of the human body. Plus everything is free!

Apple Store | Google Play

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Pregnancy +

This app is so amazing! It’s free and what I love about it the most is the interactive 3D image of your baby in it’s current developmental stated. You can move it around to see all angles, have it adjust to real life size, and have it tell you what parts are developing that week. This is especially helpful when you are in the early stages and not much is distinguishable yet.

Also Pregnancy + provides you with an action list that you can create a to-do list from. I’m a huge list person so this was a fun feature for me. Lastly another great feature is the timeline. It will show you the stages of development for each week and what tests you should be having done by your doctor as well as milestone moments in your pregnancy, such as first heartbeat heard or first kick felt.

Apple Store | Google Play

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The Bump

This app is based off one of the top pregnancy magazines and has tons of helpful articles and blog posts for the curious mind. It provides you with new articles to read daily that are relevant to the week you are in for your pregnancy. This, to me, is the best feature of the app.

Also checklists and a planner (I’m a huge planner nerd) are created to help keep you on track for your appointments and tests so you don’t miss anything. There is an interactive 3D view of your baby that you can click on to learn more about the different areas, which is a bit more detailed than the Pregnancy + app.

Apple Store | Google Play

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What To Expect

Have you heard of the book “What to expect when you’re expecting?” It’s a very popular pregnancy book and for a good reason. It’s filled with so much excellent information that it’s nicknamed the “pregnancy bible”. This app is created by that company and provides you with a progress bar for each trimester, little bubble images that reveal more information, and a video clip that walks you through your baby’s development that week. So fun!

Apple Store | Google Play

Image result for baby center app

Baby Center

I mostly use this app for the “Birth Club” feature with is a discussion board centered on your due date month, which mine is May 2020. There are admin created topics, such as to introduce yourself, pregnancy symptoms, etc. The rest of the forum topics are created by the members and it can be fun to share information on there and compare stuff even though I personally don’t know a single person on there.

The Baby Center is also a website with more detailed information and articles to read through for all stages of baby development from trying to conceive to parenting. The site is much more user friendly than the app as I’ve noticed some random fake prize winner ads will pop up and you can’t get out of them unless you close the whole thing. But I still do like the check the forums on the app.

Apple Store | Google Play

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