Week 27

How far along: 27 weeks – hello third trimester!

Genders: Boy & Girl!!

Weight gain: + 1 pound

New symptoms: I developed one dark stretch mark on the left side of my belly, it looks like a vein to be honest so I didn’t think much of it at first but I think it’s here to stay! Lots more pelvic girdle pain, especially if I’m laying around too much.

Queasy or sick: None this week.

Cravings: ice cold water! When it’s super icy and chill I could easily down several glasses in an hour.

Aversions: Nothing new

Sleep: I’m waking up every hour or two to per and switch positions so it doesn’t feel super restful.

Maternity clothes: my jeans and leggings + my new belly band which is working out very well! I got to wear my beautiful baby shower dress this week. It definitely is flattering to the pregnant belly. 😀

Stretch marks: see above – I’m sure I’ll see more pop up as my belly gets bigger.

Belly button in or out: still in but shallow

Miss anything: just being less achy and able to walk further without being so short of breath.

Movement: The babies are always on the move it seems. I’ve taken to keeping track of their busy times so I can see what schedule they’re on. So far they’re awake and moving every 2.5-3 hours.

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