Week 31

How far along: 31 weeks

Genders: Boy & Girl!!

Weight gain: + 3 pounds (25 lbs so far)

New symptoms: Definitely feeling more full with my belly aching, especially along the top. Braxton Hicks contractions have picked up and are a little more intense.

We had a little scare this week with too many contractions (one every 6-8 minutes) in 2 hours at work so I went to the maternity department to be triaged and assessed. After 6 hours they did end up slowing down and I was able to go home without further intervention needed. I did find out that I am already 1 cm dilated with 40-50% effacement of my cervix so things are starting to progress towards labor, which my OB said is common to be early with twins, but not enough to worry about just yet. Just been taking it easy this week and enjoying some time off work.

Queasy or sick: None this week.

Cravings: nothing new this week.

Aversions: Nothing new

Sleep: Restless and way more challenging to get comfortable.

Maternity clothes: Comfy, loose items. Had two fun outfits for our maternity shoot this week, which fortunately was still able to take place. We were at an outdoor park so that helped to keep our social distance.

Stretch marks: nothing new since last week – keeping up on the belly oil

Belly button in or out: still in but shallow

Miss anything: being less achy in my belly and pelvis

Movement: Their rolls and kicks are getting more intense which means they’re getting bigger and stronger so I don’t mind that as much.

Andrew is working from home now and I’ve been in more nesting mode, especially since the government issued a stay at home order. The nursery is pretty much ready, our diaper bag is packed, and our hospital bag is nearly finished being packed. The last class of our childbirth class got cancelled due to the pandemic but I feel mostly ready for that part. We just need to have them keep cooking and getting bigger still!

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