Week 32

How far along: 32 weeks (8 months!)

Genders: Boy & Girl!!

Weight gain: + 3 pounds (28 lbs so far)

New symptoms: Lots of acid reflux this week. The belly is pushing outward more and squishing my stomach so if I bend over for too long I can feel it in my throat. If I’m sitting upright for too long at a time I start to get achy and some numbness/tingling under my right breast.

Queasy or sick: None this week.

Cravings: Any and all cookies, especially Oreo ice cream and Reese’s chocolate chip.

Aversions: Nothing new

Sleep: Restless and way more challenging to get comfortable.

Maternity clothes: Comfy, loose items. Whatever fits.

Stretch marks: whelp… I knew they were coming! Quite a few having started to show up around my belly button as that is where I’m currently stretching out.

Belly button in or out: still in but shallow

Miss anything: being less achy in my belly and pelvis

Movement: Lots of movement every day! Started to feel some hiccups this week too, especially from baby girl. I love it. 🙂

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