The Quarantine Life

Let’s be real. While my introverted side loves to just be at home and literally have no plans or schedule, I, like I’m sure most everyone, am missing the normal life.

I recently switched from working night shift to day shift (like last week was my first week ever) and I didn’t even get to enjoy being on that schedule because I can’t go anywhere on my days off. Plus with our early labor start last week I’ve now started my maternity leave.

My daily schedule now consists of sleeping in (gotta enjoy it while I can!), eating breakfast, watch some YouTube, eat lunch/dinner, watch some Netflix (currently watching ‘Nailed It!’), snack throughout the rest of the evening while watching movies, shower or bath, then bedtime. Get up the next day and do it all over again.

It has taken some getting used to being home all the time and with Andrew working from home he’s here all the time too. I’m looking at this time home together as our mini babymoon before the babies get here (maybe next week!).

But I’m definitely looking forward to the day when we can finally go somewhere to either hang out like the park or with family or eat at a restaurant. It’d help if this Northern Michigan ‘spring’ weather cooperated and warmed up already! It’s been in the 30s this week but mostly sunny which is a painful combination cause I want to open the windows. It would help my mental health out a lot.

What are you looking forward to most when this quarantine time is over??

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