What is in my hospital bag?

After watching sooooooo many YouTubes on this topic and doing endless research on Pinterest for packing lists it almost feels cliche to me to write out about this topic. However I still find it fun to know what other people have packed and actually used in their bags so I wanted to write about it anyways. 🙂

I started out by making a comprehensive list of what I needed for me, for my hubby, and for the babies. If you know me, you know I’m a list maker and a planner so of course I had to write it out in my Erin Condren planner. I planned all this out knowing that due to COVID-19 going around my husband will have to stay at the hospital with me the entire time and expecting a minimum of a 2 night stay if I have a vaginal delivery, 3 nights if we have a c-section (what my OB told me to plan for).

I’ve linked the items that I bought in preparation.

For me I included a lot (in my new bag) since I’m going to need the most items, such as:
– A nursing nightgown for after delivery
– A robe to wear also after delivery that would match my kids for pictures
– Loose-fitting underwear and pants
– A few nursing bras and tanks
– A going home outfit (basically a t-shirt and loose pants)
– Hygiene products for me (shampoo & conditioner, body wash & lotions, toothbrush, etc.)
– Hair brush with ties
– Chapstick & basic make-up (concealer & mascara)
– Cell phone and Apple Watch charger
– My birth plan
– Thank you cards for the staff
– My meds and vitamins

For my husband I kept it simple cause he doesn’t really need much:
– About 3 days worth of shirts, underwear, and socks
– Sweatpants
– Hygiene products (hair/body wash, toothbrush with paste, deodorant, etc.)
– Slippers
– Snacks (lots and lots of snacks…)
– Pillows and a blanket
– Cell phone charger
– Vitamins
– His parental leave papers

For the babies, they also don’t need much so I kept it basic:
– Cute going home outfits in both newborn (his & hers) and preemie sizes (his & hers)
– A swaddle and hat/bow set for each for their first pictures that match my robe (his & hers)
– A mitten set for each in case their nails are really sharp already plus an emory board to file
– Baby blankets for the ride home
– A letter board so we can announce their names and statistics in pictures
– Their baby books for hand and foot prints (his & hers)
– Boppy feeding pillow
– Car seats already installed in my car

That’s about it!! It seemed like a lot when I first wrote it all down but when I got to packing it really wasn’t. Granted my husband will disagree because it’s two large duffle bags plus all the pillows and blanket to carry – ha! But having all of that stuff makes me feel really prepared that I won’t miss or forget anything so I don’t feel too bad about him carrying it all.

Anyways that wraps up this post. I plan to do a ‘what did and didn’t I use’ post after delivery to do a comparison, just for fun. What did you pack in your hospital bag for birth? Did you find that you used all you packed or want to include something you didn’t? Let me know in the comments below!

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