What I did and didn’t use in my hospital bag

When I was searching up what to include in my hospital bag for my twin delivery I actually found the ‘what I didn’t use’ posts or YouTube videos more helpful than the pre-hospital ones. It really gave you a good idea of what you actually needed to include. Also I knew that my hospital would be providing some things that I didn’t need to bring.

We ended up being in the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights due to having a c-section, from Wednesday through Saturday evening. Below are the lists of what I packed and I’ll cross off what I didn’t actually use.

For me:

A nursing nightgown for after delivery (I ended up just wearing a hospital gown the whole time. The nightgown I brought was too tight and wasn’t comfortable.)
– A robe to wear also after delivery that would match my kids for pictures (I wore this every day I was there!)
– Loose-fitting underwear and pants (I wore the pants every day after delivery but only wore the underwear on going home day. Otherwise I wore the mesh panties the hospital provided.)
– A few nursing bras and tanks (I wore a nursing bra every day, and still do – ha!, but I didn’t wear the tanks till after I got home.)
– A going home outfit (basically a t-shirt and loose pants) (I wore out what I wore going in to the hospital – loose leggings and a sweatshirt.)
– Hygiene products for me (shampoo & conditioner, body wash & lotions, toothbrush, etc.) (I showered the last three days of being there once I was cleared to do so.)
Hair brush with ties (I didn’t brush my hair once. 😅 But I did have my hair up in a ponytail or bun the whole time.)
– Chapstick & basic make-up (concealer & mascara) (I used the chapstick often but I never did put on make-up.)
– Cell phone and Apple Watch charger (I took my Apple Watch off on the first day when they were starting my IV and never put it back on till I got home.)
– My birth plan (I have a copy of this to the nurse for my chart.)
Thank you cards for the staff (I totally forgot to write these out and we could only remember some of our nurses’ names so I didn’t send I’m any cards.)
My meds and vitamins (They gave me my meds and I didn’t take my vitamins till after I got home again.)

My hospital provided me with pads, mesh underwear, a gown, grippy socks, towels & washcloths, an abdominal binder, a peri bottle, nipple shields, and breast pads. They also included tucks pads which I didn’t need to use.

For my husband:

– About 3 days worth of shirts, underwear, and socks (He used up all of his clothes.)
– Sweatpants (I was roasting and kept the air cool so he wore these a lot, especially at night.)
– Hygiene products (hair/body wash, toothbrush with paste, deodorant, etc.) (He showered every day we were there.)
– Slippers (He wore these every day too.)
– Snacks (lots and lots of snacks…) (Fortunately the hospital let him order food with me so we didn’t need all the snacks we packed.)
– Pillows and a blanket (I used one pillow and he used the other plus the blanket on his rollout bed they provided.)
– Cell phone charger (He used this every day.)
Vitamins (He ended up not packing these at all.)
– His parental leave papers (He filed these once we got the parental affidavit that he needed.)

For the babies:

– Cute going home outfits in both newborn (his & hers) and preemie sizes (his & hers) (We used these on going home day but they were too big for the preemie outfits.)
– A swaddle and hat/bow set for each for their first pictures that match my robe (his & hers) (We used the swaddles at times as blankets and more for pictures at home.)
A mitten set for each in case their nails are really sharp already plus an emory board to file (We never used these cause they were swaddled you the whole time.)
– Baby blankets for the ride home (It was 40 degrees F when we left so we definitely used these.)
A letter board so we can announce their names and statistics in pictures (I felt weird trying to pose pictures of them with it so I ended up not using it. I’ll use it in other ways at home.)
Their baby books for hand and foot prints (his & hers) (They had taken cute little foot prints on their information cards and on a card stock to make the word ‘LOVE’ with the feet forming the O – so cute!)
– Boppy feeding pillow (I used this almost every time I was out of bed feeding them.)
– Car seats already installed in my car (We used these, obviously.)

It didn’t feel like we used a lot of our own stuff but looking at these lists I guess we did! I felt super prepared and ready for whatever type of delivery we ended up having.

Did you find that you overpacked or underpacked for your hospital delivery? Let me know in the comments below!

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