Alexander & Audrey: 2 months old

Another month has gone by and the babies are two months old now, six weeks adjusted. Their personalities are starting to shine out a bit and we’re still learning their likes and dislikes.

They each eat anywhere between 3-6 ounces at a time, sometimes 8 in her case if she still wants more. We had their 2 month check up today where they got their shots and she’s weighing in at 9 pounds 2.5 ounces while he weighs 8 pounds 12.5 ounces. She’s surpassing him in size which is funny since it was the opposite before. Haha!

They’re both outgrowing their newborn sized clothes, Audrey especially, and fit better in the 0-3 month size. They can wear the 3 month size clothes but they’re still a little too big on them.

Sleep is all over the place for them still. I’ve tried to do a loose schedule of feeding, playing, sleeping every three hours throughout the day but because there’s two of them and one of us is usually sleeping at some point in the day time it gets thrown off. I’ll still try to wake the other to change and eat if one wakes up first but otherwise they’re running our schedule right now. Audrey sleeps better in the day and is gassy and fussy at night while Alexander is a little fussy (mostly when he spits or knocks his paci out) during the day and sleeps better at night. The longest block of time they’ve slept at in a night was 7 hours but mostly it’s up to change and eat every 3-4 hours still. We’ll see how we do as we head towards three months. 🙂


  • Has discovered moving objects above his head and will watch it for a while
  • Still loves his pacifier and loses it when it falls out of his mouth
  • Sleeps in the chill position, on his back with his arms out over his head
  • Starting to like bath time if the water is warm enough
  • Still hates diaper changes
  • Loves getting his hair played with
  • Is calmer with the swaddle on
  • Smiles often and laughs in his sleep


  • Is a snuggle bug and loves to be held
  • Goes from fine to hangry in 0.2 seconds and gets jealous when she hears her brother eating, even if she just ate herself
  • Enjoys getting cleaned up either with diaper changes or bath time
  • Sleeps on her side, may be losing the swaddle soon
  • Makes the funniest facial expressions
  • Smiles often for mama
  • Loves kicking her legs around
  • Has discovered any object moving above her and will watch it for a while

We love watching them discover their environment and give us sweet smiles. The best thing ever!

Happy 2 months, Alexander & Audrey! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!! 💕

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