June Latte Date

How is June already almost over? Time is just going by so fast! We’re definitely trying to make the most of it but honestly with the babies and our all over the place sleep schedule it’s a big blur. Grab your latte or coffee or tea and let’s chat about it!

If we were having lattes together, I would tell you the babies surpassed 1 month old and now are almost 2 months old already! I can’t believe the time is flying by but we’ve been in survival mode and just doing what it takes to get through each day. Sleep, eat, play, repeat. They’re getting so big and filling out their newborn clothes almost too well. They fit best in the 0-3 month sizes right now. I can’t wait to see how much they weigh at their 2 month appointment. At this one they’ll get all their shots which I’m not looking forward to watching them cry but I know they need them.

If we were having lattes together, I would tell you I start working again July 5th and I’m not looking forward to going back just yet. I’m nervous about doing it with our erratic sleep schedule and how we’ll handle juggling me being away for 12+ hours, 3 days a week. Andrew isn’t going back to work till August some time so at least we can ease back in to work life and maybe have the babies sleeping through the night by the time he does go back. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

If we were having lattes together, I would tell you I started a new workout program with Beachbody called Barre Blend. It’s just challenging enough to get me sweating and achy without being too much for my postpartum body. My knee does not like all the ballet tip toe moves though. 😅 Now I just need to reign in my nutrition. We’ve been making healthier choices for groceries and meals. Now we just need to stick to them.

If we were having lattes together, I would tell you postpartum is different than I expected. I don’t know why I thought this but I always thought the postpartum bleeding would be way worse and that my belly would shrink down as the skin tightens. That has definitely not happened. My stomach is now like a soft, squishy pillow with loose skin and stretch marks. It doesn’t really bother me because I carried two babies at once and am getting back in to exercise to try and tighten and tone my body, plus the person who would see it more than me has already seen it. My weight has fluctuated a lot too, I think from water weight, and my feet became swollen again this week. No fun!

If we were having lattes together, I would tell you breastfeeding is going okay but not as good as it could be. Because of how we’re doing our sleeping in shifts I actually have been only breastfeeding when I’m awake and it’s time for them to eat otherwise they get bottles of formula. When they do breastfeed I’m not producing enough milk to satisfy them (I would pump 5 ounces each session before and they sometimes eat 5 ounces each) so we still have been supplementing and mostly using formula. Which doesn’t really bother me because fed is definitely best, they’re growing like weeds, and there’s two of them and one of me. I know my supply has dropped and I’ve considered doing lactation cookies or something to boost it back up. I’d like to keep breastfeeding as long as I can but at the rate it’s going I wouldn’t be surprised if we only made it another few months or less which does make me a little sad. I’m going to find a good cookie recipe and see if it helps at all. Any recommendations?

If we were having lattes together, I would tell you that I went through a touch of the postpartum blues. Our lives were definitely flipped on its axis when our beautiful babies arrived, and while we wouldn’t change anything, it’s been quite the adjustment and doing things we want to do takes way more effort to make happen. The sleep deprivation hit me way harder than I thought it would and I had quite a few emotional breakdowns. So every 2 weeks or so we’ve had to adjust our sleep routine for my sanity and his. Right now we’re doing 3-4 hour blocks of sleep with an overlap of awake time so that we can take care of the babies and settle them back down before we’re back to solo time. It’s working out okay for now and we’ll have to change this again when I go back to work.

What would you talk about with me on our latte date? Anything on your mind or something interesting going on that you want to share? Tell me about it below in the comments!

June Intentions

A new month means new goals to set. Some of these are continuation of goals from the last month to keep them going or restart them again.


  • Continue to make healthier choices for groceries
  • Start filling out habit tracker daily again
  • Get cleared to work out again at my six week postpartum appointment
  • Start the Barre Blend program


  • Keep limiting take out to once a week
  • Update Quicken once a week
  • Track bills in my Erin Condren planner


  • Post once a week at minimum
  • Plan out calendar of topics
  • Keep running list of topic ideas on notes page


  • Stay on top of e-mails and communication if needed


  • Pick summer books to read
  • Post to book club page

I’m looking forward to working on these as the month progresses! What are your intentions or goals for June? Let me know in the comments below!

Establishing Daily Habits During Quarantine

I mentioned in a previous post that I had just switched to my new day shift schedule before I started my maternity leave and I was so excited to get started on it! I knew from when I did some day shifts during my ER orientation that I am definitely most productive on this type of schedule. For some reason my body responds to it better; my head is clearer, I have more energy to get things done, and I sleep better at night.

For my book club read this season we chose to read Atomic Habits by James Clear and, while I’m not done reading it yet, it really got me wanting to establish a routine and be more productive through daily healthy habits. Since the quarantine started over a month ago I’ve been trying to be more productive with my days off from work and now that I’m on leave I am able to really focus on building these habits so they stick when the babies get here and I do go back to work.

What’s really helped me with this are a few things:
1) the book Atomic Habits (duh!)
2) the Erin Condren Checklist Petite Journal (currently sold out but restocking soon)
3) an app called Awesome Note 2 (a great scheduler, to-do list, note-taking app)

To start out I just kept it simple with little baby steps.

In the mornings:

  • Brush teeth
  • Take meds
  • Take vitamins
  • Apply belly lotion
  • Eat breakfast
  • Daily games

In the evenings:

  • Take meds
  • Shower or bath
  • Apply belly oil
  • Listen to Calm app
  • Read for 15 minutes
  • Charge Apple Watch
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Plan out tomorrow

Daily or Weekly tasks:

  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Vacuum
  • Tidy up
  • Sanitize
My Erin Condren checklist petite planner

It’s been 2 weeks since I started checking these off my to-do lists and I can tell that they’re starting to stick with me. If things are piling up, I will spend 15 minutes tidying or doing the dishes or running the vacuum. I don’t feel clean at night if I don’t take a shower or bath and apply my lotions. First thing I do when I get up now is brush my teeth then take my meds and vitamins then eat breakfast. It’s starting to become a routine and I love that! Eventually I plan to add more 1 or 2 at a time until I’m doing the life that I want to.

I use the phone app as an added layer for consistency because I can set alerts to go off and remind me to do the tasks. Plus it’ll plug them in to my digital calendar so I don’t forget to get them done.

What routines or habits do you have already? Are you working on building more? I want to hear all about it! Tell me below in the comments! 🙂