May Intentions Progress

It’s the end of the month and time to see how I did on the intentions I wrote out at the beginning of May. It’s been a busy month and I met a lot of them but not all.


  • Have the babies 🙂 Met on May 6th
  • Make healthier choices for groceries Starting to
  • Continue filling out habit tracker daily I have in my phone app but not in the Erin Condren journal.


  • Limit take out to once a week We started out after the babies were born with twice a week and now we’re down to once a week or less.
  • update Quicken once a week I haven’t been downstairs hardly at all much less on the computer to do the finances. Everything I’ve been doing in my phone.


  • Post once a week at minimum Pretty sure I met this one 😊
  • Plan out calendar of topics I did put in some posts to remind myself, like this one.


  • Stay on top of e-mails and communication if needed Since my email is linked to my phone it’s been easy to stay up on my work stuff.

That’s a wrap on my goals for May! I feel like I did pretty well considering how busy it’s been for us. Now to think of my June intentions. Did you meet your goals or intentions for the month?