Twin Newborn Essentials

When I was preparing our baby registry I scoured all the blogs and YouTube videos on twin necessities so that I could be as prepared as possible. I’m a planner at my core and wanted to have everything we needed. I put together a list of items we use every day for our twins to make our lives a lot easier. Some are common for singleton babies and a few are specific for multiples.

  1. Twin bassinets and pack-n-play
    • Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center, Quarry $219.99 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) ~ we primarily use this right now as their bedside bassinets and chose it because we would be able to use the pack n play in the future. The only thing we don’t like about it is the bassinet liners do not come out to be washed so we’re constantly having to spot clean which is annoying. Otherwise they’re very handy.
  2. Baby swings
    • Graco Simple Sway Baby Swings, Stratus $74.99 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) & Abbington (Amazon | Target | Walmart) $74.99 ~ these come in handy when we’re up by ourselves and one baby doesn’t want to be put down but the other needs attention as well as when we both want to do something and need our arms free.
  3. Double stroller and car seats
    • Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller, Gotham $199.99 (Amazon | Target |Walmart) with Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35LX Infant Car Seats $179.99 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) ~ not something we use every day but a necessity when we go anywhere. It’s really easy to use and the loud click when it gets in place is reassuring that we did it right and they’ll be safe.
  4. Twin nursing pillow
    • My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins, Grey $65.94 (Amazon | Walmart) ~ when both babies are awake and want to eat this pillow is essential in order to tandem feed them. Makes them happier and the time goes quicker as they’re both eating together.
  5. Sound machines
    • Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine $59.99 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) and Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Machine $29.99 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) ~ we use the Hatch sound machine in their room when we can actually get them to sleep in there and the portable one for the bassinets and their stroller. So nice to be able to take it with us!
  6. Diaper bag
    • Ruvalino Multifunction Travel Backpack Diaper Bag, Dark Grey $40.99 (Amazon) ~ I love this bag! The backpack style makes it so easy to carry and there are so many pockets it fits all of the things we will need for them when we’re out.
  7. Pacifiers
    • Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3 month $3.64 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) ~ Alexander loves his pacifier and these are the ones he likes the most. We keep one in practically every room. Audrey takes a paci some times and she seems to like this one as well as the Nuk style ones.
  8. Swaddle blankets
    • SwaddleMe Original Swaddle Size – Small/Medium, 0-3 Months $29.99 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) ~ whenever it’s sleep time we’re swaddling the babies in these. They love being swaddled which helps them sleep so much better and the velcro latches has made the process so easy.
  9. Dish basket
    • OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket for Bottle Parts, Teal $9.99 (Amazon) ~ this basket is so handy for our daily washing of the bottle tops and nipples. Helps so they don’t get lost or tossed around with the water pressure.
  10. Burp cloths
    • Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers $13.99 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) ~ we use these on the daily and often have to change them out for new ones because of all the spit up or vitamin stains. We like them the best of other burp cloths because they’re big and soak up the liquid without soaking through like other cloths do. So nice!
  11. Sleep ‘n play outfits
    • Any type of sleep ‘n play outfits that have hand and foot covers. They’re so easy to change their diapers in and keep them warm and from scratching their faces. Plus there’s so many cute ones out there! Zippers are easiest to change in but buttons are okay too. Here are some of my favorites: a b c d
  12. Bottle warmer
    • Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer $22.99 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) ~ we try to always keep a bottle on the warmer because we usually need one fast (they go from fine to starving in 0.2 seconds) plus it saves time when we’re trying to do it one handed. Took us a little while to figure it out but we got it down now.
  13. Baby monitors
    • VTech Digital Video Monitor PTZ with 2 Cameras $169.99 (Amazon | Target) ~ having two cameras is a necessity for each crib. The video quality is pretty good and the microphone picks up every sound, even the cars driving by our house 🤣. It even shows them in night vision which helps with the blackout curtains and at night time.
  14. Baby booties
    • Luvable Friends Baby Fleece Lined Scooties $12.99 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) ~ to be honest, baby socks are cute but a waste. They’re constantly falling off when those legs get moving. These booties are soft and stay Velcro’d on their feet with room to grow bigger. Best idea ever!
  15. Bath kit
    • Johnson’s Sleepy Time Baby Gift Set $9.99 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel, Lavender $3.92 (Amazon | Walmart) ~ I discovered these a few weeks ago and they smell heavenly. I LOVE the oil gel because it leaves their skin super soft and allows me to give them a good massage after bath time, which they enjoy.
  16. Bottles
    • NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottles, 9 ounce $8.99 for 3 pack (Amazon | Target | Walmart) ~ we use these bottles the most because the nipples are soft and easier for the babies to latch on to plus with the bigger ounce size we can make one bottle and split it between them. Saves on dishes!
  17. Blankets
    • Cloud Island Flannel Baby Blankets 4 pack, Bunnies (Target) & Two by Two (Target) $9.99 ~ these are super soft and easy to wrap then up in. I keep a few in their diaper bag and in the stroller as well for on the go use.
  18. Sling wrap baby carrier
    • Moby Classic Baby Wrap, Strolling in Salvador $44.99 (Amazon | Target) ~ this comes in handy when one baby doesn’t want to be put down and the other is sleeping. Usually it’s Audrey and I’ll carry her around the house with me while I clean or fold laundry. She loved being curled up in there to sleep! Now that they’re a little older we like the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier $29.99 (Amazon | Target) because their legs can dangle and they’re still close on my body for warmth.
  19. Snot Sucker
    • I didn’t really think nasal congestion would be an issue but it really is! As soon as Alexander got stuffy and started having trouble eating we got the Baby Nasal Aspirator NoseFrida $15.99 (Amazon | Target) which is truly an amazing device. It’s not as gross as you’d think it would be because it’s enclosed and has a filter to catch the boogies. We also use the Little Remedies Saline Spray/Drops $3.79 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) to soften them up first then use the NoseFrida. If that doesn’t work and they’re real stubborn we found a set of baby nose cleaning tweezers $6.79 (Amazon) to grab on to them and they usually come out in one solids piece. They both hate all of it but this combo works so well to clear their noses so they can breathe.
  20. Gas Drops
    • We use the Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops $7.69 (Amazon | Target | Walmart) daily, especially for Audrey. She gets so gassy at night which makes her uncomfortable and fussy. With a dose of this stuff she feels better in minutes and either burps it out or passes it which helps both her and us to have a better night. We definitely keep a bottle of this stuff handy!

And there it is! My list of the top 20 twin newborn essential items that we used to get us through the newborn stage. Now that they’re 3 months old we definitely still use a lot of this stuff but we’ve added a few new things. That’s for the next post on this topic. 😉 I hope you found this list helpful! Feel free to ask questions in the comments and share it with someone you know that’s pregnant. ☺️ Thanks for reading!

Alexander & Audrey: 2 months old

Another month has gone by and the babies are two months old now, six weeks adjusted. Their personalities are starting to shine out a bit and we’re still learning their likes and dislikes.

They each eat anywhere between 3-6 ounces at a time, sometimes 8 in her case if she still wants more. We had their 2 month check up today where they got their shots and she’s weighing in at 9 pounds 2.5 ounces while he weighs 8 pounds 12.5 ounces. She’s surpassing him in size which is funny since it was the opposite before. Haha!

They’re both outgrowing their newborn sized clothes, Audrey especially, and fit better in the 0-3 month size. They can wear the 3 month size clothes but they’re still a little too big on them.

Sleep is all over the place for them still. I’ve tried to do a loose schedule of feeding, playing, sleeping every three hours throughout the day but because there’s two of them and one of us is usually sleeping at some point in the day time it gets thrown off. I’ll still try to wake the other to change and eat if one wakes up first but otherwise they’re running our schedule right now. Audrey sleeps better in the day and is gassy and fussy at night while Alexander is a little fussy (mostly when he spits or knocks his paci out) during the day and sleeps better at night. The longest block of time they’ve slept at in a night was 7 hours but mostly it’s up to change and eat every 3-4 hours still. We’ll see how we do as we head towards three months. 🙂


  • Has discovered moving objects above his head and will watch it for a while
  • Still loves his pacifier and loses it when it falls out of his mouth
  • Sleeps in the chill position, on his back with his arms out over his head
  • Starting to like bath time if the water is warm enough
  • Still hates diaper changes
  • Loves getting his hair played with
  • Is calmer with the swaddle on
  • Smiles often and laughs in his sleep


  • Is a snuggle bug and loves to be held
  • Goes from fine to hangry in 0.2 seconds and gets jealous when she hears her brother eating, even if she just ate herself
  • Enjoys getting cleaned up either with diaper changes or bath time
  • Sleeps on her side, may be losing the swaddle soon
  • Makes the funniest facial expressions
  • Smiles often for mama
  • Loves kicking her legs around
  • Has discovered any object moving above her and will watch it for a while

We love watching them discover their environment and give us sweet smiles. The best thing ever!

Happy 2 months, Alexander & Audrey! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!! 💕